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25th ordinary National Congress
of the Communist Party of Norway

The 25th ordinary National Congress of the Communist Party of Norway will take place February 21 - 22, 2004 in Oslo.

In a world of war and accelerating imperialistic aggression, we clearly see the need for a party based on a ideological grounding, a party of class struggle – a Communist Party.
The 25th ordinary national congress of our party, is a step in the rebuilding of our party to be such a party. Other questions on the agenda of our national congress will be: anti-imperialism and solidarity, peace, resistance of the EU and the EEC treaty, the struggle against privatisation and defence of the gained rights of the working class - for socialism.

Our national congress will be held at the Trade Union College, Soermarka near by Oslo.


is struggling for a communist society - a classless society free of exploitation. This is our long-term goal.

The first step in the direction of this goal is the anti-monopolist battle, where democratic forces seek to limit the power of the corporations, and to increase the people's power.

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Until recently, our whole web site has been presented exclusively in Norwegian language. With the introduction of our international pages, this is about to change. While we will not translate all articles, press releases etc., we hope that we'll - with a little help and a little more free time here at the office - will be able to do more translation work in the not too distant future.

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European left established on the terms of the EU

On May the 9th a new European Left Party was established in Rome. The choice of date was no coincidence, as the EU wants May the 9th to be the “National Day” of the Union. The choice of Rome was neither a coincidence, as it was in Rome the first steps towards an European Union was taken, through the “Rome treaty”.
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Statement from communist parties participating in the conference celebrating 80 years of struggle since the foundation of Communist Party of Norway

We, the participants in the international conference celebrating the 80th anniversary of Communist Party of Norway (NKP), want to use this opportunity to stress the importance and the role of the communist parties in the struggle of the working class for their rights in our époque of increased attacks from the finance capital and the bourgeoisie at national and international level.
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Pointers to other Organizations

The Communist Party of Norway has always been - and still is - a party with solidarity and internationalism as some of its' most important values. Communist parties and other progressive movements exists all over the world, so please have a look at our recently updated link page containing pointers to progressive organisations and magazines from different parts of the globe.

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